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June 16, 2007


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Oh Baby!

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1. an infant or very young child.
2. a newborn or very young animal.
3. the youngest member of a family, group, etc.
4. an immature or childish person.
5. a human fetus.

              Adorable Baby Kaia by imagineebaby---- by myeyesareonfirewee baby hunter II by whohaughbaby hat by CreativeExpressions

   Who doesn't smile when they see a baby. They have a way with people. A smile immediately erupts when one comes upon these amazing creatures. So innocent one can't but love them. They can make you laugh and cry all in one motion.

:thumb57165264:Joshua From the Shadows by AdamMeyersinnocence by Deeevilish:thumb40947081:

  It doesn't matter who you are they can soften even the hardest of exteriors and melt the inside.

withlove. by drummer-chik

I think it is the only time in your life that it's ok to look like this.

1st Birthday by dreamsforcali:thumb57064934::thumb56994698:Not a fan of beets by maddog1138Pulling At My Heart Strings by angelbabiauhappy birthday by devilicious

And look cute doing it.. :giggle:  Do I hear the awwww's already. See I told you they have a way of doing it to you. You can try and fight the urge to smile but it will overcome you.

:thumb57234140:Hey mister. by brandyshoots:thumb57222380::thumb57201804:

With the world at their fingertips they seem as though they have all the answers.

april baby 4 by CreativeExpressions

It all begins here..

to finally forgive you by scottchurch9 months pregnant I by serguei001Pregnant Nude by toddtaulman:thumb42969898:Conceptual Acceptance by Doubtful-Della

Miss Evangeline Saint Mayotte by melissasigalovskayaBlue Glazing by ChristinahI wanna... by beabe:thumb56967044:

Usually the first photo every taken..

Conner Devan Phalen larsen by LordStonesoulMy Sisters Baby by demonessJackilyn by KitsuneAteAGreeley

hi by jillein-portraitsMutterglueck II by MPlate:thumb56828047:Athena Deidre by dowzhey

Our hearts are wrapped up in theirs and the sight of sadness makes us crumble. The whole world stands still when a tear is shed.

I miss you daddy by CalvinHollywood:thumb51167606:

We patiently wait for the happiness to return. Just like the sun appears   after a rain all is well again..

193 days by snulhappiness by Tamiirahappy by StudioBe:thumb55079719::thumb54588280:Kissable by TimelessImages

Some seem to start rebellion early..

Startin Young by cosfrog

Others prefer to daydream..


Always born thinkers..I wonder what they are thinking about?

:thumb56971203:big eyes by tassyjNovinha25 by novinha-is-bornthinking of dreaming by babakzone:thumb56566025:Hannah 15 by jendonoghueseltsame welt... by SchwarzerMondLooking at Dawn by rmotfage

They are often curious of the world around them. Always on the move exploring and investigating.

Curious One by joejoesmoeHey Baby by il0stmys0ck:thumb56565517:Happy_Brithday_3 by isEk

Babies have an uncanny way of being cute no matter what they are doing.

12 Months Old by LillianAva:thumb56301759:EMBRACE by halo-monkmiss my daddy by devyyanuarMommy's Little Angel by FuzzyYak

Little replicas

Mom and baby............. by angeliizI Match Mommy by LillianAvaAdorable by nikkichicki

Come in small packages.

Aubry at Easter by dreamsforcali:thumb57078739:will you smile again...? by fxcreatographySmiles by miniwyoBaby Portrait by FoxyRed

Sometimes smaller than others.

These Hands by emilymartian

Always wanting to be like us..

Princess Aubry by dreamsforcalibaby and pearls by Juliephotography

So carefree. Not a worry in the world.

fly away by nyxslittledemon

Some skills are there right from start..

young photographer II by freakme

Famous someday? Maybe..:nod:

Baby Mag Cover by roxkittyAre you talkin' to me? by Zushikbaby reagan by sooofreestylePeekaboo by JessDismont:thumb53913962:

Our tomorrow..

:thumb56930919:Our Son by MissesKissesbaby by juddalouu
Baby Boy by Margot7sernuevo by Carito:thumb56616664:Baby Me by LilKitsuneChan:thumb56565482:

The shock of some shots are overwhelming..

:thumb56946764::thumb56871551::thumb56767717:Veuch by LisisWho are you by wojtar

But all is forgiven

12 Months Old by LillianAva:thumb56301759:EMBRACE by halo-monkmiss my daddy by devyyanuarInocence by DaniPAKnightRoey 2 by evilcheeseLove by Tricia-DanbyJanuary 1983 by BayuEntertainmentBathed in Black and White by GMCPhotographyYoung And Innocent by BLPhotographyArrtu by indigo-eyes:thumb55439887:baby2 by garbanuskaa
Yara III by Yassser84BIDIK by tolgaegilmeznewborn by dylan-louisthe truth about life by dylan-louisKissable by TimelessImagesbaby hat by CreativeExpressions:thumb53726234::thumb51227155::thumb41545242:

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Photo Journey. Babies are so precious and it shows when we see them. The world is theirs.

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Till next time...
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Proseuche Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2007
What am I menopausal or something? (Yeah, at 21 haha.) I actually started getting teary eyed looking at all of these photos of babies! But I was smiling! Haha, awesome compilation. :D
lilbittytography Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2007
a belated thank you for the feature!
Kuruccha Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great work on this journey :D My compliments, all the photoes you chose are wonderful >O<!
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that is just too wonderful!!!
maf8 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Brilliant Idea
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THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH 4 featuring :)
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awww.. this is super cute!! :) Thanks for featuring
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Thanks for the many features, I really enjoyed the journey
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adorable !
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